Dr. Ennio Calabria - Dr. Gianmarco Calabria - Dr.ssa Elena Calabria


Ennio and Giammarco Calabria's is a Clinical Surgery which is multi-specialised and equipped with all the necessary facilities to offer a high quality service.  The meticulous procedures used also include a disinfection and sterilisation room as well as 4 dental Class B generation autoclaves. Apart from the equipment all of our 5 Orthodontists are equipped with dental cameras. There are three lasers and an Orthopantomographer, which is a special x-ray technique that looks at the teeth and jaw.  We also use a 3D Cone Beam Imaging device which is a three dimensional examination of the bone structure, a basic requirement for the successful planning of prosthetic surgery; an operating room; a Gnathological Treatment platform and Kinesiograph to measure the mandibular movements during speech. 

Among our latest operations are new implantology techniques, which makes it possible for patients to have their teeth fixed within 24 to 48 hours. We use INVISALIGN. The staff that make up our team are 6 dentists including a Periodental Surgeon, Implantologist, an Endodontist, a Dental Prosthetist, a Paediatric Dentist, 3 Orthodontists, 1 Graphologist, 4 Dental Technicians, a Chiropractor, 2 Hygienists, 1 Secretary, 4 Assistants, a Naturopath, and 1 Homeopath.    

In summary, we have the ability to seal with any dental treatment for any dental problem without ever losing sight of the fact that the patient isn’t a ‘mouth problem’ but an individual, and as such the mouth is the starting point in observing the general state of health of the patient.