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Studio Dentistico Ennio e Gianmarco Calabria
Dr. Ennio Calabria - Dr. Gianmarco Calabria - Dr.ssa Elena Calabria

The Clinician


Born in Lamezia Terme on 26.03.1962 after embarking on his studies he graduated in Orthontics and Prosthetic Implants at the University of Messina on the 27th August 1985, with full honours.

Among his other qualifications: 


  • Reconstructive Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Prof. S. Materasso - 14th December 1993 at the University of Naples Federico II

  • Prosthetic Surgery Course (Prof. S.Orlando) - 1997/1998 at the University of Florence.

  • Soft Tissue Grafting for Implant Reconstruction - 2012 in Paris

  • Three year course of Naturopathy - (Prof Rudy Lanza) 1989 at the University L.U.I.N.A 

  • Keilpratiker in Kinesiologia One Year Course - 1993 in Germany

  • Three year course of Homeopathy a the Nobile Collegio Ompeopatico - Medical Register of Catanzaro.

  • Master in Phytotherapy and Biological Medicine (Prof. Francesco Menichini) 2004/2005 at the Department of the  Pharmaceutical Science UNICAL. 

  • Master in Integrative Medicine and Bio-Therapy (Prof. Francesco Menichini) 2011/2012 at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science UNICAL. 

  • Contracutal Professor for the University of Calabria for Master Courses In Fitotherapy. aa. 2012/2013.

  • Professor at the School of Homeopathy and Intergrated Biotherapy at Leon Vannier.

  • Official Speaker for the Homeopathic School Catania, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria in Homotoxiology in Orthodontics and Holistic Orthodontics.